Small Jelly Roll

I'm sorry about some of the photographs being blurry. It was because of the quick movements when taking the blade out of the oven and quenching.

After thermocycling to refine the grain and hand rubbing the blade to 220, I coated it with clay. The clay is put on in 4 layers about the thickness of a nickle on the top back edge. I wasn't sure if I would get a hamon or not because I used 15n20 in the welding mix, but I like to use clay to really control where the blade is harden anyway. I prefer to keep the blade soft where I stamp it and in the ricasso area.

After fully Austintizing the blade, things happen fast.

I dive it all the way into the heated quenching oil as quick as I can. The oven and the oil are very close.

After quenching the blade, I immediately tempered it in a low temp salt pot.

I hand rubbed and lightly etched the finished blade. I was really happy with the way it looked. I even ended up with a hamon line. I think it looks kinda like a frosted window pane with big crystals when you tip it around in the light.

Close-up of the pattern. The pattern isn't etched very deep, the blade is shiny. I stripped off all the etching oxides so I boosted the contrast of the pic so you can see it better.